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Anurag Seva Sansthan, Lalsot (Rajsthan) was established in 1994 by Sh. Siya Ram Sharma as Anurag musical and cultural society. Seeing the potentiality of work and wide scope, its name and objectives were reformed. From the year of establishment to achieve the objectives. the society had started its keen efforts which are still continued.

The society has organized a lot of activities time to time such as. Training camp. Medical camp, seminar, workshop, literary and cultural activities, games and sports, spiritual and social services, Bhajan Sandhya, Sanskritic Sandhya, Serve Dharam Prarthana Sabha, Rallies, different sessions, different competitive exams, award functions for the best performers in education,& literature, school uniforms distribution, fruits distribution to the sick at Medical camps, conservation programmes for natural resources, disaster management, directing reading room, water hut and other helpful activities in different fields.

In Such programmes every one from society like children, youth, old men and women, students, the poor, handicapped, widows, needy, unemployed sick, players readers, farmers got benefit.

The source of income of the society is the only given aid by the members of society, No government aid was still received. The Society does not collect any type of fund on different occasions.

The aid which is given by the liberal voluntarily we accept heartily.

Now looking at the wide scope of the society we shall have to increase our income sources by different means.

Let us give our best contribution to the society to make our lives useful to serve the human society and the nation.

(Shyam Sundar Sharma)

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